Go Natsume 伍! / an appreciation project by fans
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The results were announced. Read this page to find them!

Here, you will find various fanworks submitted by you, the fans. Send in your fanworks and share the Natsume Yuujinchou love with other fans and the creators in Japan!

You can submit your fanworks by click over to the "SUBMIT" section of this website. Don't forget to include the campaign's motto ("Go Natsume 伍!" or "Go Natsume 5!") somewhere in the pictures!

Click on the preview image to see the original size.

Click the circle below each of your two favorite photos and press the "Vote" button at the bottom of the page.

The photos of the staff will not participate in the Contest and the same goes for those fans who kindly withdrew because they have already bought the DVD boxset ^__^

Kei - Japan

Lauren - USA

Alison - Canada

Cayra - Germany

Ashley - USA

夏目友人帳写真撮影オフ会一同 - Japan

Maddy - UK

Ritsu - Japan

Veronique - Belgium


A & Maddy - UK & Italy

S.T. - Japan

サーシャ - Japan

Sem - Israel

Barton - USA

Shana - Canada

Ukigumo - Japan

Alexandra - Ukraine