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Buy Merchandise

In this page we would like to suggest you some online stores that we know. All of them are been "tested" from us, so we'll add some notes that we hope will be useful.

Most of you probably know Amazon, a huge online bookshop and general shop. You can find the English versions of Natsume Yuujinchou manga but the site does not carry much other merchandise.
Normal prices, but sometimes there are discounts.
Amazon is also present in several Countries, so you can search for the version in your Country to save on shipping costs.
Free US shipping if you order over a certain amount (usually USD$25 of select merchandise).

This shop is in Japan and it's pretty well-stocked. You can find a large variety of merchandise.
Normal prices, more shipping options. Very good customer care.

It has a good variety of merchandise, but the best points are good prices and cheap shipping options. It often offers good discounts.

Big store, good variety of merchandise. Little higher prices, normal shipping options. Sometimes you can find some rarer items.

Good variety of merchandise, but higher prices. It offers free International standard shipping for orders over a specific cost.

Poor for Natsume Yuujinchou merchandise, but often has some items that are hard to find. You can also find many Japanese general and traditional merchandise (and several snacks XD).
Good prices, some cheap shipping options.

USA store. Not much Natsume merchandise but sometimes you can find old LaLa issues, the monthly magazine where Natsume's manga is published. Write "LaLa" in the search bar.
The bad point is very expensive International shipping cost.

Barnes & Noble is a US nationwide bookstore chain with a website at bn.com. You can find the English version of Natsume Yuujinchou but no other known merchandise.
Prices are normal, shipping is generally fast in the US.
Like Amazon, there is free US shipping when you spend above a certain amount (usually USD$25 of select merchandise).
If you have the B&N membership card you get an additional discount.