Go Natsume 伍! / an appreciation project by fans
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In this page will publish all photos that we receive. Send us a photo using the Submit form and don't forget to include in it anything representative of youkai/youkai-themed, or otherwise Natsume Yuujinchou-themed and the motto "Go Natsume 伍" or "Go Natsume 5".
Official merchandise is not required but preferred, if you have.

Click on the preview image to see the original size.

Kei - Japan

Lauren - USA

Alison - Canada

Cayra - Germany

Ashley - USA

夏目友人帳写真撮影オフ会一同 - Japan

Maddy - UK

Ritsu - Japan

Veronique - Belgium


A & Maddy - UK & Italy

S.T. - Japan

サーシャ - Japan

Sem - Israel

Barton - USA

A.K. - Italy

Shana - Canada

Ukigumo - Japan

Alexandra - Ukraine

Acco - Japan

Jenkat - USA

Yume - Singapore

Cloud - Italy

Caroline - Belgium