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03/10/2016 Natsume Go in a few hours!
Some years have passed but I am sure most of the fans never lost hope, and now, in a few hours we'll finally have the fifth series! (I'm so happy!!)

Unfortunately, for the next few years for the past few years I didn't have time to update natsumenoyuujin but I wanted to at least celebrate this event.

Now, get ready to watch the new episode and let's enjoy Natsume 伍!!

02/07/2012 Go Natsume 伍 starts today!

We are pleased to announce that the Go Natsume 伍! Campaign has officially begun!

The Project, born from the hearts of some fans around the world, has the dual purpose of thanking sensei Midorikawa and Japanese creators and let them know that we will never give up the hope for a 5th season of our beloved anime series.

To join us in giving a worldwide thanks to Midorikawa-sensei, visit us at Go Natsume 伍! Official site

The Go Natsume Team

01/07/2012 Volume 14 + Hakusensha-Natsume Summer Festival!

It scheduled for July 5 the release of volume 14 and we can see another great cover.
You can buy it from CD Japan or Amazon JP.

On the same date will start the summer event "Natsu yomu Natsume" (translatable more or less as "read Natsume in Summer") organized by Hakusensha, the publishing house, and that includes seven special posters and postcards. Look the news and posters on the Hakusensha official page and: read Natsume in Summer! \^O^/

01/07/2012 LaLa August + Gensa

Second chapter of the new arc started last month. Natsume is in a pretty complicated situation that seems to involve humans, youkai and exorcists.

The new gensa is a set of two little pillow (Nyanko sensei + Kuro Nyanko) but as usual you can order them only if you live in Japan. Price: 1680 yen.
The monthly furoku is dedicated to another series.

26/06/2012 Go Natsume 伍! - International fan Project

Will start on July 2 the Worldwide Campaign "Go Natsume 伍!", a fan project translated into 14 languages ​​and made by a team of over 20 people.
To learn more and participate, keep an eye on our web site Go Natsume 伍!.
Join us from July 2!

02/06/2012 New fanbook!

"Pash! Animation file 10" is the new fanbook published on June 1st. It's a special issue of the Pash! magazine dedicated to Natsume Yuujinchou. There are interviews to the anime staff members, behind the scenes of the four seasons of the anime, a ten page guide to the real locations of the series and lot more!

You can buy it on AmiAmi shop or CD Japan ^_____^

28/05/2012 LaLa July 2012 + Gensa (+LaLa June 2012)

After a break in the last month, the new chapter of the manga is finally released.
It's the first part of a new arc. In this story the secret of the Yuujinchou seems to be in danger.

The monthly furoku is a little Nyanko purse. It's waterproof so you can bring it to the sea or at the pool ^__^

Instead the new gensa is dedicated to Natsume Yuujinchou and Gakuen Babysitters and it consists of two cute cups and... Cookies and cholates? I'm not sure from the pic, but so it seems XD Anyway, if you live in Japan, you can buy them for 1300 yen.

LaLa June 2012

I didn't wrote about this issue the last month, so I add it here.
In that issue we hadn't the Natsume's chapter, as had been announced, but the monthly furoko was a little Nyanko plastic box for clips. Some Nyanko clips were included ^^

02/04/2012 LaLa May 2012 + Aniplex Festival

In this LaLa issue we have the last chapter of the three-parts story started in February issue. We'll know the truth behind the Raiko behaviour in the past and if Natsume can save what is most precious to him.

The second news is about the Aniplex Festival (March 17th - May 13th) in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, dedicated to Natsume Yuujinchou, Hotarubi no Mori e, and other popular Aniplex series.
There is some specific attractions and theme foods with special cards.
You can read the complete news on Crunchyroll site and see the complete photo of he foods.

01/03/2012 LaLa April 2012 + Furoku + Gensa

In this cover we have a Nyanko cake to celebrate the LaLa issue number 450!
I'd like to have a bite of it, but I fear the possible reaction of Nyanko for having destroyed his lovely and sweet portrait ^.^;
Anyway, the monthly furoku is a fun desktop calendar with Nyanko from April 2012 to March 2013.
We also have a new gensa, a cute Nyanko speaker with a pocket on the bottle where you can put a MP3 player, I guess. If you live in Japan (and you probably do not need an English site ^^) you can order it at a cost of 1450 yen.

The new chapter is the second one of the new arc. It ended with a terrible cliffhanger, so I can't wait (more than usual) to have the next one >___< Oh Midorikawa sensei, I love you so much, although you plays with the weaknesses of my heart.


30/01/2012 LaLa March 2012 and furoku

On January 24 the new issue of LaLa was released containing Chapter 59. A new arc finally begins.
I love every new chapter, but personally I prefer the stories developed in more than one chapter, so I am even happier when a new arc starts ^___^
In this Natsume meets a relative he had once lived with. This occurrence helps Natsume talk more openly with Tanuma, but the appearance of a weird youkai who seeks revenge on Reiko casts a shadow on the rest of the story.

The furoku of the month is a cute phonestrap with Nyanko sensei who sleeps peacefully on a pillow. I would say that is quite suitable for the sleepy winter days XD.

30/01/2012 Natsume volume 13 and Hiiro no Isu bunkobon

Volume 13 was released on January 4th to welcome the new season with a beautiful cover.
In this volume Matoba returns in an arc of three chapters with a surprising request for Natsume.
If it follows the same pattern as Lala the following chapters will focus on Natsume's friendships with Nishimura and Kitamoto .

Also being published is two bunkobon of the short series "Hiiro no Isu" (The Scarlet seat) already published in three volumes years ago. Both volumes were released on Jan 17.
For more details about this work you can check this website page.

In short, coming up in the couple of months: the fourth anime season, the new volume of the manga, the special winter issue, the Hotarubi DVD in February and the new edition of Hiiro no Isu .
This year is really dedicated to Natsume Yuujinchou and Midorikawa sensei!
I personally believe that the surprises will not end here, but to be sure that we have to wait for official news. Maybe in the spring? ^___-

30/01/2012 Gensenshu Fuyu, Natsume special issue

A special issue dedicated entirely to Natsume Yuujinchou was released on January 10 and it's titled Genshenshu Fuyu.
It's the second special issue dedicated to this series, after the first one published last summer in July, Gensenshu Natsu (Natsu and Fuyu mean "summer" and "winter").
Genshenshu Fuyu has a selection of chapters of the manga, this time set in the winter, plus a short unpublished novel written by Sadayuki Murai. (scripts' writer for the third and fourth season). It may also contain special interviews and various articles, I'll confirm everything when I'll receive it.

24/12/2011 4th Season TRAILER + LaLa February 2012

Finally was released the new trailer!
As you can see the 4th season will begin with "The Eastern Forest" arc, volume 9. It means we'll have more Matoba from the start!

On the new LaLa's cover we have Natsume Yuujinchou with a wonderful image, in my opinion ^___^
This issue contains a new oneshot chapter.
The new zensa is a very cute Nyanko mouse, instead the monthly furoku isn't a Natsume's one.

26/11/2011 4th season broadcast date & news + LaLa January 2012

This latest issue of LaLa finally sees announced the fourth Natsume Yuujinchou season broadcast date: January 2, 2012! A wonderful New Year beginning for all the fans!
As for the previous season, this one will broadcast in Japan on TV Tokyo, every Monday at 01:30 a.m.

There are also some news about the new songs.
The opening, which will be published by Sony Music Records, is titled "Ima Kono Toki" (今, この とき ) - "Now, this time" and is performed by the Hiiragi duo, whose name translates as "holly". As you might recall, that's also the name given to youkai who choose to serve Natori. ^__^ It's funny, but the group was formed several years ago so their name is just a coincidence.

The ending, which will be published by Aniplex, is performed by Marina Kawano. Its title is "Takaramono" (たから もの ) - "Treasure".

About LaLa.
The latest chapter of the manga in this issue is a sweet, cute oneshot. Again Natsume will be mistaken for Reiko, but unlike other times, he won't be able to explain the misunderstanding.

13/11/2011 Natsume 4th season and Hotarubi: release date for DVD and BD

A release date has been announced for the first DVD and BD of both "Natsume Yuujinchou Shi" and the "Hotarubi no Mori e" movie: February 22, 2012.
We haven't yet an exact date about broadcasting of Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, but now is sure that a date will be announced in the next issue of LaLa (November 24).
The Aniplex site confirms a double version for the DVD, limited and normal edition, and only limited for the BD.

The cover for Natsume Yuujinchou Shi DVD&BD is just an example. The real one is still unknow

09/11/2011 LaLa December 2011 + Furoku

As was previously announced, Natsume Yuujinchou is on hiatus this month. However, the current issue's furoku is a small bag decorated with a silhouette of Nyanko Sensei!
The last two chapters were oneshots; will be the next the beginning of a new arc? Wait and see!

06/10/2011 LaLa November 2011 + furoku

On September 24 was released the new issue of LaLa with chapter 56. The story is centered on Kitamoto and how he sees Natsume. So, after the previous chapter that concerns Nishimura, and the omake at the end of Volume 5 that was from Tanuma's point of view, we have a good overview of how Natsume appears to his friends.

I was surprised to find that Kitamoto is also more sensitive and mature than I thought.

The furoku of the month is a deck of cards with wonderful manga style illustrations.

Also included: the official announcement about the fourth season in January!

21/09/2011 Natsume Yuujinchou Season 4 to air in January!!!

SO excited!!!

More info at ANN

14/09/2011 Infiorata video

Watch fans build Lala's 35th anniversary infiorata by clicking the picture below.

25/08/2011 Lala October 2011 + furoku + merchandise

In this issue:

-Chapter 55 of Natsume Yuujinchou.

-The monthly Natsume Yuujinchou furoku, (the gift in the magazine) is a Nyanko keychain.

-The new zensa, (special merchandise that you can order only in Japan using the postcard in the magazine) is a Nyanko poncho. It costs 1300 yen.

(Note: I want them ALL)

25/08/2011 Infiorata pics from Lala Natsu Fest

Lala magazine's summer festival, "LaLa no Natsu Fest" was held in Tokyo on August 19th. (Natsu in Japanese means "summer"). During the event the fans created an "Infiorata" dedicated to this series. Portrayed with thousands of rose petals in different colors was Nyanko sensei.

25/08/2011 DVD & Blu-ray releases; 8/24, 9/24, 10/26 11/23 and 12/21

Yesterday (August 24) the first DVD of the third season, containing episodes 1 and 2, was released.
The DVD comes in two versions: regular and limited edition. The limited edition includes a Drama CD, ten cards, and stickers.
The Blu-Ray version is only available in limited edition.

The second disk, both DVD and Blu-Ray, will be released September 24, the third October 26, fourth November 23 and fifth December 21.
You can buy and pre-order them on CD Japan and AmiAmi shop

29/07/2011 Natsume official festival and events

Perhaps not everyone knows that Hitoyoshi is the town where the staff of the anime went for inspiration for the backgrounds and setting of the series.
You can find great pictures online that are identical to the places that we see in the anime.
My friend Ageo san has informed us that the town Hitoyoshi has decided to organize their own Natsume Yuujinchou events. The first will be the "Hitoyoshi Hanabi Taikai" a show of fireworks to be held August 15. You can see the flyer that advertises the event.

In addition, the Committee of the onsen (hot springs, for which Hitoyoshi is known) has also created a map in pdf that lists some of the sites a fan of Natsume Yuujinchou would be interested in seeing.
You can view and download it at the bottom of this page if you click on green button "pdf".

A second event was organized by the magazine LaLa, in which the manga is published monthly, for the "LaLa no natsu fes" (LaLa Summer Festival). It will be an "Infiorata", taken from an Italian tradition in which you create designs and figures on the street or village squares using thousands of flower petals. In this case, it will be a picture of Nyanko sensei, using 2000 rose petals. This event is being officially recognised by the Italian Embassy and ENIT (an Italian national tourism agency). The Infiorata will be held in Tokyo on August 19 and a video will be released August 31 on the website.

The success of Natsume Yuujinchou is undoubted, and it seems that the long awaited third season, and perhaps above all the deepening of the story in the manga, have created a multitude of new fans and generated greater interest in the series.

We can only rejoice biggrin

27/07/2011 LaLa September 2011 + furoku

In this issue concludes the story that involved again the exorcists. We have discovered new details about Natori, Matoba, and also of how Natsume is changing.

This month's furoku is a new Drama CD. It contains two tracks. In the first is present Natori, while Kitamoto and Nishimura in the second one.

22/07/2011 New trailer and soundtrack CD

It's released a new trailer of Hotarubi no Mori E. It's longer than previous and lasts 90 seconds.
I remind you that the film will be released September 17.
I hope the DVD will go on sale for Christmas! ^o^
It was also published the cover of the soundtrack CD. It will be released on August 24 and on the official site you can hear samples of the tracks.

13/07/2011 Episode 3 - changed the time of broadcast

It will broadcasted at 01:45 a.m. (Tokyo time) on July 18. You can check the time with the new clock on the site and forum.

We hope that it will be useful ^___^

07/07/2011 Important note- Time Change for next episode!
Will air July 11 (Mon) 00:00 02:00

From official blog here

07/07/2011 Crunchyroll to stream Natsume Yuujinchou!

Currently available in the US, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden. It will air Mondays at 10 am PST and the current episode is available here for paid subscribers. (Available for free subscribers a week after airing.)

03/07/2011 Natsume Yuujinchou San DVD/ Blue-ray and and Volume 12 info!

You can order either the regular DVD, the limited edition DVD bundled with a Drama CD, cards and other goodies, or the limited edition blue-ray disk, here and here

Volume 12 will be available here on the fifth of July.

01/07/2011 Your chance to write a message to be given directly to Midorikawa-sensei.

So exciting! I think I will write a note telling her how her work reminds me of my childhood. Go here for more information on how you can take part.

25/06/2011 Hotarubi no Mori and Natsume Yuujinchou San Videos!

Thanks to rainskylark on livejournal for finding these.

Natsume Yuujinchou trailer
Hotarubi no Mori E clips here

23/06/2011 Reiko on the cover of LALA!

From Amazon jp

18/06/2011 NY to be featured on radio show

Info here.

13/06/2011 Hotarubi no Mori E- NEW IMAGES!

Cloud discovered these Images from the upcoming movie on the official site; enjoy!

10/06/2011 The main NY site is again updated with new info.
Updates include a new blue-ray disk box with lots of goodies out June 22.

blue ray disk box

Applause to the hard work everyone put in on the site!

07/06/2011 A summary of the latest news

The site is online only since few days, so a short summary could be useful.

The third season, Natsume Yuujinchou San, will be broadcasted from July 4 at 1:30am on TV Tokyo. For more information, it's possible to read the specific section Third season.

This site is mainly dedicated to Natsume Yuujinchou, but we are huge fans of Midorikawa sensei and all her works, so we will also talk about the movie based on "Hotarubi no Mori E". It will be broadcasted in movie theaters on September 17th. Currently there are only two announced movie theaters projecting the movie, one in Osaka and one in Ikebukuro (Tokyo).
We'll add a special section in the near future and of course we'll keep you informed about the news.