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26/07/2011 The account of the event

A report to tell the adventure of a brief but for me important meeting with Midorikawa sensei ^___^
Some of you have left messages for her, accepting my proposal. I thank you deeply and I want to let you know that everything has been delivered into her hands.

01/07/2011 New forum now up!

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07/06/2011 Other works and Staff sections

We have added the new section Other works with the works of Midorikawa-sensei previous to Natsume Yuujinchou.

Together with the "Contacts" you can see now the part "Staff", to better know us and understand what sort of variegated group we are.

31/05/2011 Website open!

We are proud to present the first English site dedicated to Natsume Yuujinchou and Yuki Midorikawa.

We'll work hard to improve it even more and, in the future, we hope to make it the best source for every fan.
Cloud, Luthien, Twirble.